Professional Indemnity, Management & Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability, Professional Indemnity & Management Liabilty

Help protect your business from unpredictable and potentially large risks. As risks are different for every industry and occupation, we can assist in finding insurance policies that are tailored to your needs.

Cyber Insurance

Help protect your business against online risks, such as computer hacking, ransomware or data theft.

We Can Cover:

    •   Loss of Revenue due to interruption
    •  Recovering or replacing your data
    •  Defence of legal Claims
    •   Liability and Loss of third party data
    •   Misuse of intellectual property online
Professional Indemnity Insurance

Help protect your assets and brand if your advice or services cause a client to take legal action against you.

We Can Insure for:

    •   Accidents, Errors & Omissions
    •  Legal action taken from a client
    •  Subcontractor Errors
Management Liabilty

Help protect your business against financial exposure that comes with managing a company. Ensure that you can defend, settle or pay compensation claims.

We Can Cover:

    •   Investigating Third Party Claims
    •  Defending Third Party Claims
    •  Settling Third Party Claims Claims
    •   Paying Out Compensation

With so many different types of business insurance available, it can be hard to know the difference – and which ones you really need. So it makes sense to speak with an expert.

Cyber Insurance for Small Business